Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Can't believe we're already over halfway through May already! Seems like 2010 is flying by! Nicole is growing so fast, she amazes me everyday. So whats been going on with us?
Mark and I had a minor blip in our relationship but we'll get over it. It seems like our relationship is better now than before so maybe its a good thing we had a blip.
We went and bought a new couch last weekend since the dogs have destroyed the one we have. They better not destroy this one! I may have to hurt them if they do. What's great is it matches the recliner we already have.
This coming Saturday Mark and I are going fishing on a fishing charter with our friends Jess and Dan. That should be fun. I'm sure they'll be upset if I catch the first fish again :) ooops!
thats my update for now


lesaleeannie said...

The doggies better behave!!! Ma-2-Bean-n-Squish

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