Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I work full time, Marks in the Navy so his hours vary daily since he’s not on a sea command right now. He’s usually home between 12 and 2. Even when he’s on 2nd shift he’s home by 5. I don’t get home till 5:15-5:30 because I always have to pick up Nicole (not to mention drop her off) Mark has been complaining constantly that he is the one always making dinner. Fine I’ll make it every other night. No that doesn’t seem to be good enough for him. I don’t get where I’m being unreasonable by asking him to make dinner since he is almost always home before I am and Nicole is usually starving when we get home. He doesn’t do a lot around the house so I’m usually the one doing the cleaning and laundry. The only thing that is primarily his responsibility is mowing the lawn. All he does when he gets home from work is nap. I wish I could nap when I get home from work but I have a child, house and 2 dogs that need my attention. If I wasn’t working, I wouldn’t have a problem with making dinner most of the time. I’m getting tired of being complained at that he is making dinner all the time. Am I being unreasonable?


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