Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June already!?

I can't get over that it's June already.
Well on Friday we got the results from Mark taking the first class exam back in March, he missed first class by 10 points! He can take the test again in September and we should know by December I think whether he made it or not.
We had alot of fun fishing. Jess ended up catching the first fish. I caught 2 and so did just about everyone else. The striper was alot of fun to get in the boat. They fight hard! But they are oh so good to eat! We ended up eating the fish the night after the charter. Striper is really really good! I really can't wait to go fishing again.
Nicole is amazing me everyday (even when she is cranky) It's so hard to believe she'll be 1 1/2 next month!
Not much else going on with us. Been super busy with work and home and friends and everything else.
I'll write again soon! PROMISE!


Nikkie said...

Hey hun! I just found your blog via 20SB. It sucks when your only a few points away from something. My Marine is only 15 pts away from ranking and he's livid!! haha. Keep us posted on how his test goes the second time around :)

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