Monday, April 19, 2010

another week

So Mark's been working at Dicks for over a week now. I forgot how hard it is doing everything myself. I think I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend considering I had to take care of Nicole and had no one to entertain her so I could get stuff done.
We finally got our tax return in the bank account. That will take a little load off my shoulders for now.
I finished the 2nd book in Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series. Now I have to wait for the 3rd one to come out. I think it's due to come out on the 27th? I'm not a fan of Nora Roberts but this might just change that.
I started making a bucket list. I'm about halfway done. Still have a long ways to go but I'll get it done and post it once its done.
Physical therapy for my back is going good. I'm starting to get a little relief from it but I'm still having my bad days (or weekends like this past one). I'll be happy when there is no more back pain!
That's all for today. :)


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